Friday, February 8, 2013

Grand Opening of OHHELLOFRIEND

Oh, Hello Friend Goes Retail!
As I mentioned before in my birthday haul post, my friends and I went to the grand opening of Danni aka OhHelloFriend's new brick and mortar shop! We woke up extra early that Saturday of the opening to head to Downtown Fullerton, which is roughly about 2 hours away from San Diego. We already had some things in plan besides visiting her shop. Guppys for lunch, The Great Park, and whatever else was near by. But OHF was first ;) we got there around 10ish to make sure we were the first 100 customers. Why? FREE SWAGBAG! Haha! Who doesn't love free stuff? I did end up buying a couple things, but seriously how can you not when you're in this type of shop filled with the cutest items? Anyways, here are some photos that I snapped!

Waiting in line to get into the shop.
122 N. Harbor Blvd, Suite 103
Fullerton, CA 92832

Inside of the shop - cuuute overload!
(action shot ^ could you tell by the blurriness haha)

Outside after shopping and hanging out inside of the store..

 The swag/goodies I got :)

*all photos taken from my iPhone*
I wish I took more photos! There was a DIY station, photobooth, and a snack table with desserts. Also, if we instagrammed photos and tagged #ohfparty, we were also in the running to win an instant camera. So that's pretty exciting :) I'm so happy for Danni and I feel like a proud mother watching one of my favorite bloggers fulfill her dreams! Such and inspiration for me and something I'd love to do someday as well. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Late Birthday Presents Haul!

The Goodies!
So my birthday was almost  a couple weeks ago, (on January 27th to be exact), and I honestly didn't ask for much. Usually, I would make lists upon lists about what I want for my birthday ;) but now there were only just a small amount that I did want and did tell people about. I've been wanting the A. Wang rocco duffel bag for a couple of years now, but knowing no way in life am I ever going to be able to afford it (let alone anyone else buying it for me for my birthday present). I did however receive the amazing "inspired" bag by Melrose Glam from! It's stunning in comparison and honestly, you wouldn't be able to tell. I even showed my friends and they thought it was a genuine rocco ;) as did I!
My parents also knew that I've been in need for a new laptop. The one I've been using was almost 5 years old and nearing it's end. I thought that if I were to invest in a new laptop, it would be one that would last me quite a while and one that was perfect for what I need in the long run (graphic design major over here)  So they agreed to pay for half of my new MacBook Pro! Yes! I'm grateful that they are willing to help me out :)

Another fun "gift" that I got was from my two of my good friends. It wasn't anything physical but rather a road trip to see one of our favorite bloggers, OhHelloFriend and the grand opening of her new shop! I did take pictures but I'll save that for a later post though! It was fun spending time with them and getting to see Danni and her shop in person! Not to mention the laughs and inside jokes made throughout the car ride! I'd say it was a pretty chill and fun time spent for my birthday!