Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally here!

I'm here, back from a busy past few months. Before, during, and even after my sister's wedding, it has been hectic with family over and always going out. I never really had a moment to sit and blog, or even browse through blogs. Now that it's all winding down and i finally get to start blogging/etsying/browsing for inspiration/etc, i've decided to start creating more and updating things again. BUT, the bad news is :( my camera is gone right now! Sad sad sadness. I freaked out cause well, how else am i supposed to share what i've been up to or the places where i've been. Anyways, the first crafty thing i've done was that i made a snood scarf thing (scarf/hood?). I've been wanting one since last year, lol and i finally had time to make one. A yard and something inches of yellow greyish jersey fabric with ends sewn together, and there it is, my own snooood! yay! here's a webcam pic