Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Trunk Show!

Probably the most exciting news so far of my summer. This past weekend I got to do my very first trunk show! I've sold at a craft fair a year ago, but doing a trunk show is pretty different. My friend, who interns at a shop in South Park, San Diego called Graffiti Beach was able to get me a spot at an even they were holding. The event was a fashion show that showcased a lot of what they were selling in store for the summer, and they even included some of the items I was selling! How exciting :) Now doing a trunk show is quite different this time around because I was the only vendor featured during that event. A lot of people came up and asked me about what I do and even complimented me on my designs and the items I was selling. In the pictures you can see my progress and madness of trying to get everything together. The second picture shows my set up! I didn't have much to work with since I only had a two by six feet table. I made it work though :D It was a great night and I definitely want to do something like this again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Studded Shoulders

knitted top from cotton on - fix+ from mac - body spray for bath and body works - 
high waisted shorts from guess - denim&faux leather jacket from xxi

Last week, I went crazy at the mall and ended up buying more than what I needed. I really tried to stay away from forever 21 but of course, it didn't work at all. I saw this denim jacket with faux leather sleeves and instantly knew what I could do with it. I'm obsessing over the studs and spikes trend and I had previously bought several packs of them to use for my shop. Since I had a lot left over, I used those and studded the shoulders. 

Ta-da! I'm loving this jacket! In fact I'm pretty obsessed with it. I'm actually thinking about including designs like this in my etsy shop in the near future, especially since this trend is pretty bangin right now ;) I paired the jacket up with just a white ribbed tank and a red button up skirt that I thrifted. Notice the red white & blue theme going on? Yeah I wore it for 4th of July and I must say, the jacket was definitely a statement piece and conversation starter.