Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crafting and sewing the day away.

Christmas is two days away, which means gathering up some last minute gifts. I decided to sew/make some gifts since I'm broke and I also can't really go out to get a gift without people being there :P Mhm so, I really like what I made. Kind of wanna keep it for myself, but I wont of course. Ever get that feeling though? ;D I'll post pictures of the handmade gifts after Christmas. That way no peaking for the curious ones. Now all I need to do is wrap them. I've been browsing through my favorite place of all, and found some cute gift wrapping inspiration! I love some nicely wrapped packages just as much as the gift. Seriously, my friends would know. I even kept the gift wrap to someone elses present just because I liked it so much. <3





Love that one ^ haha! If I had a big ol' Twilight poster, I seriously would have wrapped my sister's present with it. *Twi-hards*

I still want happy tape.
My bio teacher has some happytape. I wanted to steal it from him -_-

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love love love.

Been hiatus but now I'm back! Now that school's on winter break, it'll be easier for me to blog at least a little more than how I was blogging before. It'll also be a lot easier updating the shop and filling in with some good inspiration.
Well anyways, last saturday (the twelfth) was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. We went downtown, ate lunch, watched a movie, shopped, ate dinner & had Ghiradelli ice cream for dessert. I didn't really get to take pictures, but it was still fun fun! (: And the greatest part, besides spending the whole day with him, he made me a longboard. Yep, he's a longboarder. Actually he's into almost everything really plus he's super crafty :D

Aww how nice! and wait theres more...

He stained in my "logo name"! weeee i love it. I was really excited when i got it.
all it needs is a birdcage (;
{ps, mini shop update tomorrow}