Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas 2012 WISHLIST!


Just wanted to share what I'm currently lusting over this holiday season! I don't typically like making wishlists just because it's hard to just settle on a few things I REALLY want. I mean, I want everything -_- not to sound like a spoiled brat. Which I'm not ;) Also, I always seem to want something really bad and obsess over it for a couple of weeks, and then I end up forgetting that I even wanted it or just plain not care for it anymore. So I've shared some things that have pretty much always been on my wishlist, items that I don't ever really NOT want... if that makes sense? Haha! 

In order clockwise (from top left to bottom left)
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel - Barneys. etc $800+
Acid Wash High Waisted Jeans - GoJane $35.70
White Fudge Oreos! YUMM - Target, etc $2-3?
Fish Eye Lens - PhotoJojo $25
Oversize Knit Batwing Cardigan - Romwe $61.99
Ulta Giftcard - Ulta
Denim Circle Skirt - AA $45
The Big Bang Theory Box Set season 1-5! - $100+

There you have it! My wishlist for 2012 :)

Spotted at: Graffiti Beach

All images from Graffiti Beach's instagram

I know, I know! I haven't been updating this blog in awhile! But I just wanted to stop in for a quick post about Graffiti Beach's new magazine that's coming out soon, and shegreetstheday has been featured in some of their looks! I've written about Graffiti Beach previously here. Anyways, amazing shots right?! When I saw these, of course I freaked out a bit ;) Definitely check out their instagram and their website for more!