Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Chapter, New design

Like I mentioned down below, this is a new chapter in my life.. So with that said, I'm making some changes in terms of the design and brand of SheGreetsTheDay. Coming soon :D

A rather long come back..

I haven't haven't have not posted on this blog in a long while. So much going on in my life that I just couldn't make time to blog or etsy or anything of that matter. Stressful nights, not just with school but with other personal reasons. Heart breaks, unnecessary drama, days and nights where I kept asking myself "why do I put myself through this?" It's been a few months since me and my adventure partner, cuddling buddy, advice giver, best friend and lover kind of went our separate ways, and since then I've had some good distractions in my life.

I know this sort of thing is just another life lesson in the road. I'm rather happy that I've had time in my life, but it just makes me sad that it's ended. Not only this, but so much more personal struggles kept piling up on top of this. I'll admit that this is what got me feeling negative. All the unhappy moments and feelings of regrets just kept adding up inside. Through out all of this, I felt like I lost a part of myself. It took me a while to reflect all that has happened, and to regain and recuperate. Now that that chapter's done, off to a new one :D and I must say I'm learning again how to live in the moment and not dwell on the past or worry so much about the future. It is on my mind at times, but all I can do is keep looking up and thinking positive!

So excited for wherever this life is taking me, and I'm thanking God for the people He's put into my life for constantly reminding me about His love and how good His grace is. God only gave me one life to live, so I'm making the best of every situation.

Now with that said and done, I'm officially back to blogging and sharing the GOOD things in life (and maybe the rough parts too). About 7 months later and I'm excited to be back and start building up this brand.
I'm probably a little bit rusty in this, but I view it as riding a bike ;D Once you get on and moving, you'll never really forget how to.

Speaking of bikes I got a beach cruiser the other day! I've been wanting one for a while and I couldn't help but get one. My great friend took me to get my new bike and after we picked it up, we headed straight for the beach to take out bikes for a spin. I'm in love with it and I can't wait to fix it up how I want it.
Mustard yellow/Pink/White/or Mint paint job, cute basket, maybe a bell!
I want to make it as me as possible! Yay <3

So back to the blog and shop..
I'm not sure what I've got in store for the future just yet, but I've been browsing and reading some inspiring blogs and I'm getting an idea of what I'd like to do.

> Back to Blogging Giveaway?
> more giveaways (who doesn't love free swag?)
> DIY & Tutorial posts
> Featured people
> Promote etsy shops/blogs on certain days

A schedule of blog posts will be in the works.

I recently did a street fair a few days ago! I'm excited to share it here! I'll do that in other post though ;D