Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i love necklaces

I love love love jewelry. (kind of why i make it) especially necklaces and earrings. Yup, those are my daily accessories. I try to wear bracelets, but since i'm petite it's usually too big or falls off. That's why i only wear bracelets on certain occasions. Same thing goes for rings. Though i really get tempted to buy rings, i dont because most of the time it wont fit me. So the above images are just pictures of a few of my current favorite necklaces from my ever growing necklace.. i guess you can call it, collection :P most of it handmade too!

My friend says i have some really random, yet really cute necklaces. Haha, I guess i just really like hanging really random yet really cute things on my neck (;

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New thrifted goods

After getting inspired by LoucheLab's etsy shop and reading a tutorial on "how to paint your own design on a ceramic/porcelain plate", I had this sudden urge to paint one too. So a few days ago before dance practice, i went down to the thrift store near my house to pick up some plain white ceramic or porcelain dishes :P well once i got there, i got distracted and totally didn't ended up getting what i was planning to. i got these pretty finds instead..

i love these plates. haha.

pretty wooden hearts for crafting.

my obsession with birdcages never stops, so i bought this little one.
(random but it was only 50 cents, so why not)

Monday, April 12, 2010

SD ThreadShow at Horton

Thread, a popular 'showcase of emerging fashion' returned to San Diego on Sunday, April 11. It was my first time going to a threadshow since I didn't get to go last year. This time the event took place at Horton Plaza in an old Steve & Barry's department store, which made it easier for me to attend since it was at a venue i knew of. It was pretty fun, lots of vendors, fashion show, artwork, etc, and not to mention a huge crowd of people.

I got to see some pretty booths, one in particular was OhHelloFriend's. Ahh me and my best friend felt like such dorks cause we knew who she was through her blog. It was like meeting a famous person, haha! Her booth was super cute filled with super cute things.
My pictures were kind of lame. There were a lot of people at her booth so it was hard to capture everything ;p
I wasn't sure if i was going to buy anything but my boyfriend told me that i should support her, so i bought these:
2 postcards and a necklace, cuute!
I saw a lot more cute booths, but every picture i took was blurry (there were so many people pushing their way through the crowds, it was hard to get a good picture without someone accidentally walking in). So i took some pics at home.
Bought this shirt from sub_urban riot
the shirt says "this is the place i lay"
and i love the tag. haha "iron if that's your thing. dishwasher safe."
Snagged some cute business cards and stickers.
This definitely inspired me to do a craft show sometime soon. Me and my best friend were talking about doing a craft day where we just sit, talk, make cute stuff and possibly sell at a show together. wooot! my boyfriend even said he'd be there to help. aww!
can't wait for more shows in SD.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Creative runs in the fam..

So my big sister, being the aspiring photographer she is, asked me one day if she could do just a little photoshoot with me and my boyfriend. Obviously I agreed (who wouldn't want to take cute photos with their loverboy..for free*) haha.
Here are a few of my favorites:
that tree was so big. fun hiding spots too ;p
this garden was so so pretty! but there were so many people there that day.

absolute favorite right now ^ haha! see how excited he was? that boy can jump.
All of these photos were taken at the balboa park in SanDiego, CA. I think my sister did a good job (; she's always been really into photography. she usually asks me to edit the photos during postprocessing since i play around with photoshop and other programs like it a lot more, but i've taught her some stuff and she's actually the one that edited those. it's just a few edits, most likely brightened and level changes but i like it!
check out her flickr.
(yeah i'm usually her model, haha)