Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheers to 2013

Things to look forward to in 2013..
(warning: image heavy post)

1. My 20th Birthday!
No image for this one but it's pretty self explanatory ;) My 20th birthday! I know it's no big deal, in fact my sister calls it the "boring/in-between" age. Sort of like my tween years but for adulthood. No longer a "teen" ager (sans the word teen in the number) but not quite an adult (a legally drinking one at least). But it's still special! I remember someone saying once that your twenties are your selfish years. It's the years where you aren't officially settled and stable, and where you make some of the craziest mistakes in your life. I'm young, I'm still learning, and I'm super excited for what's to come!

2. A love for HP..
image via weheartit
Now I'm sure everyone in the internet world has proclaimed their love for the cult classic, Harry Potter. I'm definitely a part of that crew. One of my best friends, Katrina and I have LOVED HP from the very start. I guess it started in elementary school when our 4th grade teacher, who was equally as fanatic as we were, made the series a required reading. I remember buying all the books every chance I could whenever a book fair would come by. Remember those? Anyways, we're planning to set our love to stone.. or skin by getting tatted. 

3. Finally get a haircut -_-
image via etsy
I admit, I have a problem with cutting my hair. I guess I've just always loved long hair and always having that short bowl cut hair, done by my mom nonetheless, when I was a child kind of scared me into growing out my hair when I was a teen. I hated short hair on me. But now it's time for a change! After not getting a significant cut in about.. 3 years, I'd say it's time. Maybe nothing crazy like the images above though ;)

4. Dress for success.
left: Rumi Neely ; middle: Jenn Im ; right: Alyssa L.
These three are just a few of my favorite fashion icons/bloggers whose wardrobes are simply impeccable. I just want to own everything they wear. But being on a small budget, I realize this isn't going to happen right away. I've seriously made it a point to start dressing up a little more. I guess a goal of mine is to stop always buying loud patterns and statement pieces, but instead keep it minimal. Buy key statement pieces including shoes and accessories that are timeless, and spend more on basics that I can dress up or down in various different outfits. Also, I want to start taking outfit photos for the blog! These ladies have greatly inspired me!

5. Fingers Crossed for COACHELLA!!
image via pinterest
Like I said, fingers crossed for Coachella! I devastatingly missed the payment plan period.. But I still have lots of hope that I get tickets! Last year's Coachella was amazing and I lived vicariously through the stories of my friends who did get to go. This year I'm hoping I get to share in those stories and fun times and of course, be there live to listen to some awesome music!!!! 

7. Get more tattoos..
image via this blog
Being on the tattoo topic from earlier, I definitely want to get more tattoos. I have so many ideas and once you get a tattoo, it becomes a serious addiction. I only have one so far but I'm planning on getting more. I'm down for a sleeve on my left arm, although my mom is obviously against it. That's why I'm willing to compromise.. half sleeve it is ;)

8. Build up my brand! 
image via my instagram
I definitely want to build up my brand a lot more this year. Last year around the beginning of June, I "relaunched" my etsy shop with a whole new look and store content. I even got the opportunity to sell my work in an actual store! This year I'm planning on doing more. Get more business cards in the work, promote more, start blogging about shop endeavors, and I'm thinking about doing another craft show. This time maybe go bigger and sign up for ones in LA.. Okay that's a goal for sure. I just hope I don't get so lazy like I always do.

9. More adventures with the homies :)
I couldn't find one image that sums up the whole vibe of adventures, otherwise this would probably look like one giant post of tumblr pics. Literally that's what I think of when I say more adventures with the homies. When I go on tumblr & see those types of images I think "yep, we should do that." So I'm looking forward to getting to spend some time with the people I love surrounding myself with, and going on new adventures, whatever those may be. (*coachella,disneyland,camping,roadtrips,foodhunts,springbreak,summer,etc) 

image via philippines !
Last but most certainly not least, PHILIPPINES 2013-2014! YES! I am so so so excited to be going back to the land of my people. Haha! I haven't been to Philippines since 2004 when I was about 10 or so, and I'm so glad to be going back more grown up and able to do more things. I'm going back in December and coming back mid January. That of course means Christmas and New Years in the Philippines, and let me tell you they do it BIG up there! So excited! My cousin, who in fact lives in Australia, decided to have her 18th birthday party (or as we Filipinos call it, a debut) there so we're all flying to celebrate, have a good time, and enjoy this vacation. And yes, I'm stoked for the shopping! There's the night markets which means cheap thrills and unique finds, then there's Mall Of Asia which means serious flights of non-stop shops. I'm not sure how I'll feel yet about that mall, it's HUGE and I might get overwhelmed. Most of all, I cannot wait for the landmarks, the beaches, everything! Philippines is really a beautiful place :)

Hope you enjoyed this snippet of things I'm looking forward to!

Better Late Than Never..

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR! 
image via pinterest

Okay so I might be a little (more like a week) late in saying this but HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2013! I can't believe it's already a new year, I feel like I haven't accomplished all that I wanted to in 2012 and bam! It just flew by in a snap. But that's what 2013 is for. New year, new goals, fresh start, etc ;) I'm not actually one to make any new year's resolution just because I know my goals change from day to day and that would mean having about a million new resolutions that I have to keep in mind. I do however have one specific one I don't mind counting as a resolution. And that would be to ALWAYS keep pushing forward no matter what obstacle comes my way. To be honest, I do find myself being guilty of doubting the things I do, or even coming up with wild and creative ideas I have that I tend to put down just because I feel like it's too much or that I can't accomplish it. I don't know. I guess another goal would be to make this year meaningful. Do fun things with friends. Actually save up and go to music festivals, have road trips, be young. Not to mention, this is the year I finally exit my teen years and drive right into my adulthood, aka my TWENTIES :O This month's my birthday month! Woo! Excited for the days ahead!
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