Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guilty Pleasure Buys

Utility Jackets/Anoraks
top left: M's Boutique - top right: Forever 21
bottom left: Nordstrom - bottom right: Thrifted

Current trend I'm loving? Utility jackets & anoraks! Especially military style ones. What can I say? You can never have too many utility jackets, and I think it's pretty essential for fall. Although I must say, it's still pretty damn hot here in southern Cali. *crosses fingers for colder weather* Believe it or not, I'm still looking for MORE to add to my collection. The newest addition and my current favorite right now is the jacket on the bottom left. Olive green with faux leather sleeves. Something about the contrast of faux leather sleeves that always gets me. Hint my spiked shoulder denim jacket in this post. Anyways, I found this jacket to be perfect! Ever since I saw the safari jacket that Zara makes, I instantly wanted it. But one, it sold out ridiculously fast making it impossible to get, and two, even if it was in stock I couldn't cough up that much $mula$ that I didn't have. So I searched high & low. And dunn dun duh dunn... I found it at nordstrom for a fraction of the price at Zara!

Blu Pepper Faux Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket (Juniors) $68 at Nordstrom

Love! Obsessed with anything olive green right now as well so it was perfect! Can not wait for those colder days so I can wear this out already!

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