Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"No Spend October"

No Spend October!
Similar to the idea of "No Shave November" that many of my guy friends take part in, I've decided to take the rest of this month of October to NOT SPEND ANYMORE MONEYYYY! Technically, it should be "No Spend November" since it rolls off the tongue a lot better, but I knew I couldn't wait that long for November to stop spending. I mean why not start now? So I guess it'll be a "No Spend October+November" up until the holidays. I'm officially going on a shopping ban! Seriously, this is much needed. I've probably spent a lot on buying clothes & what not for myself that my closets got an overflow of items. Plus there's so much I NEED to be saving up for! So posts about hauls and current buys will be paused for the mean time. Wish me luck!

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