Saturday, April 17, 2010

New thrifted goods

After getting inspired by LoucheLab's etsy shop and reading a tutorial on "how to paint your own design on a ceramic/porcelain plate", I had this sudden urge to paint one too. So a few days ago before dance practice, i went down to the thrift store near my house to pick up some plain white ceramic or porcelain dishes :P well once i got there, i got distracted and totally didn't ended up getting what i was planning to. i got these pretty finds instead..

i love these plates. haha.

pretty wooden hearts for crafting.

my obsession with birdcages never stops, so i bought this little one.
(random but it was only 50 cents, so why not)


Anonymous said...

These are pretty :)
Nice blog too.

Galit said...

This crystal plate is amazing!
Great find!!