Sunday, September 23, 2012


Tiger shirt: Walmart - Rest of shirts & cross bracelet: Cotton On - Gold chain: Forever 21

Cotton On was having a massive sale so I decided to venture over and pick up a few things. Can you believe it? These tops were only $5! Steaaal! Unfortunately, that Guns N Roses shirt is a little big with major ribcage showage.. lol, but for $5, I'm willing to make that sacrifice ;) Then of course, what's a trip to the mall without a trip to forever 21? Didn't find much except for that gold chain necklace. Thought it'd be cute to just add on with basic shirts or outfits to spice them up a bit. Oh and that tiger shirt? Yeah it's from..... WALLY WORLD! Wal-Mart for those who don't know. I remember seeing someone on instagram rocking it and for $3, hey why not? I could come up with some outfits for it. But yup, there's my haul for last week.

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