Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Minute Costumes!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes
So I'm sure a lot of people out there are coming up with some interesting Halloween costumes to wear to different parties or events. But if you're anything like me who procrastinates when it comes to costumes, then quick and easy last minute ones are the way to go. Now I know some people go all out and buy their entire costume from head to toe, but I just hate the fact of buying a whole outfit that I know I'd probably never wear again. I prefer rummaging through my closet or the thrift store. You can definitely get creative with things you already own. I came up with two costume ideas for two different parties featuring a lot of what I already had in my closet.
First was this "Disneyland Tourist" costume. Super simple, except I had to keep explaining to people that although I had the ears, I wasn't Minnie Mouse! Haha! Everyone thought it was pretty clever for a last minute idea. Check out Jack Sparrow on the left and Psy aka Mr. Oppa Gangnam Style on the right ;) HEYYY SEXEH LADIES!

Then pin up girl! I was inspired by the whole navy pin up girl style and I really wanted to try those pin curls/victory rolls for the look. The cropped shirt, shorts, and garter were all found from the thrift store. That just goes to show that you don't have to spend very much to create something fun!

What are you guys planning to be for Halloween?

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