Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seven things.

Yep, 7 things i love!
I got tagged by littleclouds so now I have to list down 7 things that i love love love
and then tag 7 other people too!

1. Flickr - I seriously love browsing through people's flickrs. I find a lot of inspiring pictures, which lead me to inspiring blogs.

2. Film cameras / Polaroids / Toy cams - My film/polaroid collection is still growing. Currently the proud owner of 3 polaroid cameras, 2 vintage film cameras, and 1 lomo fisheye. I want more! Kind of obsessed actually.

{source forgotten -.- if you know tell me}

3. Snail mail - Mail is fun! I love getting mail, especially some really cute packages filled with goodies. I love it so much i even sometimes (most of the times) keep the envelopes. Plus i often reuse them too.

{source: moiht on flickr}

4. Movie nights - I love doing movie nights with friends. It's where inside jokes are made, where great bonding happens, and of course food (: my friends are fatties! woo.

5. Dessert - like pastries and freshly baked cookies. Mmmm!

{source: wendy121 on flickr}

6. Cuddling - warms me up!

7. Birthdays! - Happy birthday to me, weeee. Okay it was yesterday (01.27), but it was nice! My mentor at my internship surprised me with a huuuuuge happy birthday balloon and tulips, aww. Then later on in the day, my boyfriend's sister went to the office where i work and brought me flowers from him. "Smart boy, bringing it in to the office so everyone can see." - my mentor! Then towards the end of the day, i was surprised with my very own mini birthday cake. Cute!

I’m surprised I didn’t put birdcages :P
Anyways, here are the people i tag -
daileedose ; noellas ; squareby ; velvetwoods ; messyjesse ; aurorarose ; cuteasabutton


squareby said...

I'm right there with you on #5. Happy birthday! Now if only life will stand in the background for a while, I'll get right on my own list.

Anonymous said...

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Lazy Apples said...

love your blog!

Mandy said...

I love all of those things too. especially mail!