Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Boy!

I love birthdays!
Okay so although my bf's birthday was last week, I didn't really get the chance to post about it so here I am now!
At first he gave me his birthday wishlist with all of the items he's been wanting for months but after thinking about it, I wanted him to receive his presents in a more fun and surprising way.
So throughout the whole time last week I basically gave him a hard time pretending that I couldn't afford to get him what he wanted. But little did he know that I was planning a little scavenger hunt game for him in order to get his presents. The plan was that he would get one gift at a time, and each gift would contain one hint telling him where to go for the next one. The cool thing about it was that he had to go to several of our friends, so in a way they were apart of it as well :D

His presents:
1st place ribbon because he's the boy that's "1st place in my heart"; his favortie color m&m's; handmade candy card; skullface bandana bought from etsy; and new wheels he's been wanting for his longboard.

Front of the card.

Handmade candy card reads:
"Dear Mr. Goodbar... Mike & Ike ain't got nothing on you because your worth 100,000 Grand. One day we'll visit New York with the 3 Muskateers & we can have a Fun Dip that will make you Laffy Taffy. Don't worry, you're not an Airhead, you're just a "mystery." I will love you Now & Later because your lips are so Kissable. So here's your favorite candy! I <3>
Speaking of candy,

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