Friday, September 11, 2009


Hi there!
Sorry that I'm a few days late with announcing the giveaway winner. It's been getting harder to post on a regular basis when you're busy with school and other commitments. I also haven't been motivated that much lately. So much to do! I'm sure after I get the hang on a few things, then blogging will go back to normal.

On a lighter note...

I'll be contacting Squareby ASAP,
but if you see this first,
please email me with your mailing info!



oh, hello friend. said...

missing your blog posts!
i hope you come visit me, i'll be selling at uc san diego all week at the end of october :)

xo. danni

Jane D. said...

Yep, it's getting harder for me to actually write a good post ):
i still browse around blogs every now and then.

But i would definitely love to visit you at ucsd! Maybe even buy a little something for me ;D

buffet said...

hi there

i keep coming to see this blog once in a while
hope to see you post again :)