Wednesday, July 29, 2009

About me:

Hello everyone!
First of all, my name is Jane, I’m 16 years old and I am somewhat new here in the blog world. Somewhat as in, I’m new to blogging here BUT not new at finding great inspiration and wanting to write about it. I wanted to start this blog because I was so so so inspired by the many bloggers, artists, and just lovely people out there who love what they do and do what they love (: Well anyways, I’m just here to write about whatever comes to mind or catches my eyes, and hopefully inspire others as much as I have been over the year. I've also started my own etsy shop to hopefully sell some of the things that I enjoy creating.
One of my favorite bloggers is ohhellofriend, and once upon a time ago she created this list of things she wanted to do in 1001 days. I loved that idea and did my own here. You can see all the random things I want to do (it’s also not finished because I know there’s plenty more I’d like to accomplish that I can’t think of now).
Another favorite is umbrellastand. I find her whole reason to create and sell the things she makes to be an inspiration. Being around the same age as her, it’s great to know that someone my age can think about the future, and how financially troubling it may be at times which is great to start now. I hope that we can become blogfriends soon! Haha.

Here are some random facts about me:
+ I love God, my family, my boyfriend Alan, and my great friends!
+ I spend lots and lots of time splurging through the wonderful world of Etsy.
+ I really want to become some sort of designer when I’m older, possibly an interior designer or graphic designer.
+ Dip `n dots is my favorite type of ice cream, mainly because it looks really pretty (:
+ San Diego, CA is where I call my hometown.
+ Although I love the west coast, I really want to live or at least have a house in the east coast.
+ I’m absolutely obsessed with birdcages.
+ I love giveaways and hope to do a lot very soon, especially items donated from other creative people & not just myself.
+ I’ve always been in love, but this time I really fell in love with packaging and details in packaging when I stumbled upon the flickr group nicepackage.
+ Dancing is another passion and I’ve been dancing since I was 9 years old.
+ I’m really into home décor.
+ I love taking polaroid pictures.
+ I’m often shy about what I post and what people will think, but I’m learning that it’s okay to just put my myself out there and let people think what they want. (I just hope its more positive than negative)
+ I really love meeting new creative people and making new friends.
+ & I love making people happy (:
me in spain



Melissa said...

Oh, Hello Friend is also a favorite of mine!

Thank you for including me <3

noella said...

hi there :)
just found your blog/etsy.. looks great!
and keep it up! i saw your thinking of becoming a designer.. i just graduated from graphic design and to anyone who's thinking.. i say yes!yes!yes! do join the design world - youll never regret it (though those all-nighters were a killer!)